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Okay, I have been suggesting and even pushing my patients to add Yoga to existing work-outs or even as a stand alone for almost every person who I seen for years. First, it is one of the few exercises that promotes stretching, toning, core strength all with an aspect of inner reflection.

My wife who is in the process of becoming a Yoga instructor has only added to my “push” for this type of exercise to benefit my patients. In fact, our last conversation about Yoga was the fact that I don’t think you can actually practice Yoga and be mad, the very practice and meditation involves automatically reduces stress and anger.

Okay, so as I was in my Yoga class this weekend, yes I practice what I preach, I was thinking about how this would benefit this person and that practice member. Funny, in healing we think of others that would benefit from things on a constant basis.

Finally, I just reviewed a article from WebMD, which suggested true live changing results with Yoga which included:

1. Cancer, helps members with cancer. A study showed that individuals had less DNA damage when using Yoga during chemo and radiation.

2. EPILEPSY, those using Yoga had less seizures and less stress.

3. Addiction problems. Addicts in treatment found that Yoga helped with recovery and discipline.

4. Mindfulness techniques in Yoga helped reduce tremors in Parkinson’s disease and helped stabilize gait.

5. Migraines, can help calm your brain and reduce your pain.

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