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How Long will you live? The Sitting Rising Test Can Predict if You Will Die in the Next 5 Years!

Ever wonder how long you’re going to live? Of course, we all have, the Sitting Rising Test (SRT) based out of Brazilian study can help predict if you will die in the next five years.

Research says that a cardiac stress test is often the gold standard for specific information and longevity, but this test is free and can be done at home without any special equipment.

It is as simple as getting up and down off the floor without using your hand or knees. Sounds easy but the motions are pretty hard. 15 years of studies have backed this simple study.

Here is how it works. You get a total of 10 points if you can get down and back up from the floor with no support. If you score 3 or less your risk of dying is five times greater in the next five years.

It may look and sound easy, but here’s how it is done. You cross your feet, and go into a seated position. That’s five points. Coming back up is another 5. If you touch the floor with your hand, arm or knee you lose a point both up and down. If you lose your balance at any time, you lose another ½ point. Total up your points and that’s it.

For every point you get, there’s a 21% decrease in mortality from all causes.

P.S. have a friend close, and avoid when you have bad knee or hips (don’t try this alone).

This puts a new meaning when we say “MOTION IS LIFE.”
-Dr. Bernard, Spine Pro Chiropractic

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