We Help Personal Injuries

​Our accident chiropractor provides a variety of post-accident treatments at our New Richmond and Ellsworth, WI chiropractic clinics.

​​We see patients that have hurt themselves with a simple slip and fall, been in a car accident, overuse in the gym, or even attending a Zumba class.

​Our chiropractic treatments are about more than just making pain disappear. Our injury chiropractor will help you recover from hidden injuries that could threaten your future health. In helping you discover these unseen injuries, we can help you fully recover from your accident so that you can lead a normal, active life, both now and in the future.

If you’ve suffered from a personal exercise injury, our chiropractor, Dr. Bernard can help!

​CRMA Spinal Ligament Testing

If you are a patient and you believe that you may have suffered a spinal ligament injury—ask your chiropractor if CRMA Ligament Testing is right for you! For more information on CRMA Spinal Ligament Testing call our office at 715-410-0706.