Nutrition is one of the most under utilized tools in healing. The average American only eats 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Studies show that 9-13 servings is the optimal amount to reduce your chance of cardiovascular disease and other metabolic disease by over 60%. As Americans, we are out of touch with what our bodies and minds need to stay healthy, to perform optimally each day, to feel good about our bodies and truly flourish as humans.

In our consultations we will dive into what your goals are, what you are eating, specific objective food choices to change and maintain overtime, as well as doing a 3D body scan test that gives us a lot of objective numbers of what’s going on inside your body. We will go through presentations and provide take-home information that is yours to keep in this educational journey.

Some supplementation may be implemented and recommended along the way, but the best source of all vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is directly from food. Food is not just fuel; it’s information for our bodies and brains. The way you eat has a tremendous impact on your health, cognitive abilities, and energy levels.