Dr. Gregory Bernard

Dr. Bernard grew up on a small farm in a small community and went to a small school. Yes, when you’re in a small community growing up – you have to think big. So, from a very young age, he knew he wanted to be a doctor to help people and improve the community.

After having an experience of “torticollis”, a condition where your neck gets locked into a position and experienced the ability of healing with just the use of hands and the fun relationships the doctor had with his patients – he was hooked.

He then attended St. John’s University, taking pre-med classes and getting a degree in Natural Sciences. He graduated in three years and started attending chiropractic school. At Northwestern College of Chiropractic he received an additional bachelor’s degree in Human Biology, a doctorate in chiropractic and an acupuncture certification.

Dr. Bernard has attended St. Johns University, Northwestern College of Chiropractic and the University of Health Sciences in Antigua.

He has two bachelor degrees, two doctorates, and is certified in Acupuncture, Forensic Medicine, Independent Medical Examinations, Occupational Health and Sleep Medicine RPGST. He is also board eligible for Neurology and and has training in ACLS and BCLS. Dr, Bernard has consulted and worked for Health Partners, Fairview Hospitals, Whitney Sleep Centers and consults for Evaluated and other insurance companies.

Dr. Bernard consults for many attorneys. This includes but is not limited to: causation, injury mechanics, fault, future care, and disability. Dr. Bernard has served on the board for United Way and Community Action and is now currently on the Medical Advisory Board for Journal of Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Bernard’s CV

Joy King

One of our team members is Joy King, with Kings Royal Billing.

Joy has over 10 years experience in business administration and management, and began assisting chiropractors with their billing needs in 2007.

Her heart for helping chiropractors began after she was in a tragic car accident, and was thrown from the vehicle suffering severe neck and back trauma. She then began to get regular chiropractic care, and the function in her neck and back returned. She is very thankful for chiropractic, and her whole family goes every week to get chiropractic adjustments. Joy has experienced the miracle of chiropractic and is thrilled to be a team member with Dr. Gregory Bernard. She believes in what he does, and is excited to assist him as he helps many people each day achieve health and wellness.

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Kim Bernard

Kim Bernard is the office manager for Dr. Bernard’s chiropractic practice.

Kim is a Registered Nurse with 15 years experience in healthcare with half of those years in leadership.

Kim’s strong organizational skills ensure that things run smoothly and efficiently for Dr. Bernard and his patients.

She also a certified yoga instructor.