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We answer the 4 questions you want to know:

  1. Can you help me
  2. What is wrong with me
  3. How much will it cost
  4. How long will it take


When a patient first comes to one of our Wisconsin chiropractic clinics, they can expect a clean, comfortable, and safe place. A place with absolutely no judgement on where you are in life.

We will review your condition, give you an examination specific for your condition and discuss how we can help you. We will tell you what it will take and how you will know you’re improving. If we can’t help you, we will find someone who can help you.

Chiropractic care is always best done in the standard four-phase system.

​Phase 1: Acute Care

After starting we need to get you out of pain. Patients experience this over a short period when they start improving. Our chiropractic clinic develops the techniques we need to achieve our goals. Computer adjusting is sometimes required and muscle work can be as deep or light as needed. This phase is the emergency or acute pain phase. When most patients have an acute episode and seek care they start in Phase 1.

We evaluate and start chiropractic treatment in this phase to get your pain level and function started in the right direction. An example is when you first sprain your ankle and are unable to walk because the pain is so severe. We reduce the pain, decrease the swelling and start the active motion.

Phase 2: Stabilization and Rehab

This is where our New Richmond and Ellsworth chiropractor works with you to make the injured area stronger and stable to tolerate daily activity. This is really the active phase of care.

Most of your visits to our chiropractic clinic are about improving your function and pain level each day. The pain may come and go in this phase. Activities will improve and most patients are getting back to work but still not yet 100%. This phase is often called the Recovery Phase. We will have a specific one on one treatment plan and design for your condition that is changing and monitoring improvement. Some physical therapy is used, sometimes we use braces or “taping” techniques to stabilize weak muscles to prevent more injury.

Phase 3: Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Some people require varying lengths of care to stay stable and feel good. After the majority of the pain is gone we enter into our Phase 3 care. This is to get the body back as close to 100% as possible. This often involves some additional muscle work, some exercise, specific home plans to stabilize and strengthen the surrounding areas of weakness. Your level of function should be near 100% and no limitations to activities are present.

Phase 4: Wellness Care

Wellness care is for people who want to perform better, feel better than average, and keep feeling great while preventing future problems. We educate patients through this process to help them continue feeling great. This is a phase unique to patients and friends that want to have optimal health and wellness. We keep your nervous system input functioning at an optimal level. This is for people who want to perform better, improve function, keep healthy and simply put feel better every day. We offer many plans that are very inexpensive to stay in this phase. This phase offers and opportunity to coach patients with nutrition, exercise and life skills.

New Patient Referrals

We always appreciate referrals from our patients, other physicians, podiatrists, massage therapists, neurologists, and counselors.

​Some additional tips if you decide to seek care in our office.

  1. Be aware of any pre-appointment concerns.
  2. Write down any symptoms your experiencing, including any symptoms that seem unrelated. Do you have any changes in your normals?
  3. List all medications, vitamins and supplements.
  4. Write down any key personal information. Any new stress, change with jobs, any milestones?
  5. Write your questions down.

You should expect to leave with a treatment plan so you understand the goals.

We have two chiropractic clinics, one is located in Ellsworth, Wisconsin (330 W Main Street), and one is located in New Richmond, Wisconsin (1500 Madison Avenue, Suite 5A).