Leadership When The Heat’s On

“Leadership When The Heat’s On”

by Danny Cox

If you don’t know Danny Cox’s story you should take the time to see how when faced with adversity you can make the best of it. Danny was one of the worlds best test pilots in the world, pushing supersonic speeds and one day was asked to fly for the Blue Angels. He was honored, but his superiors said he was to valuable to move, so he got mad and quit his military career. He thought, he would go fly commercial, but to his surprise he was too short and no airline would hire him. Even though he was the best in the world, no one wanted a 5’3′ pilot. So, he decided to sell real estate, the stories of his learning curve and his extreme organizational and motivational styles propelled him to Speakers hall of Fame. i like his style of teaching and his books are always an easy read.
-Dr. Bernard, Spine Pro Chiropractic

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